"The Confinement Cage" is featured in Impact anthology

Erin Goseer Mitchell's story "The Confinement Cage" is featured in Impact. This anthology, Impact: Personal Portraits of Activism is a 2021 Indie Book Award Finalist in two categories: Anthology and Social Change.

The virtual 2021 Indie Book Awards event is Friday, June 25th at 7:00 EST. It will be streamed live on Facebook. (We will share a link when it becomes available.)

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Do your research at Google

Do your research at Google

Accidentally I have come

Accidentally I have come across this website and little bit confused real estate photo editing services about the details shared here. I think you have shared the details regarding a book over here. I am looking here for more updates regarding the book and hope that the details are available here soon.

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Hi, I'm not sure I understand your question. It has a link to a "real estate photo editing services" (see above). This is the website of Erin Goseer Mitchell, who wrote two books: From Colored to Black and Born Colored.

Please let me know your questions.


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