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Erin Goseer Mitchell on "Born Colored" - Read the latest interview of Erin by Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune.

"FIVE STARS! Erin Goseer Mitchell has created a masterpiece. She clearly tells of segregation in the American South in those years just before the Civil Rights Movement. Born Colored is extremely well written and it is bittersweet. Born Colored is a poignant book that should be read by everyone everywhere." 
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"I especially recommend this book to others like myself were “Born White”. The author seems to be both fully the product of a strong, southern African American family and fully a citizen of a multiracial, multicultural community still forming. What this does for her memoir is make things clear to insiders and outsiders simultaneously. It is too easy to lock away our memories of race relations in the well practiced narratives of the Civil Rights Movement. What Born Colored captures is what it was like for one intelligent, ambitious, musical girl observing a world of very peculiar organization. It tells as well what it has been like for the woman that girl became to become a constructive part of the changes that have come.

I have the good fortune to know the author. We attend the same church. Even if I did not know Erin, I would be deeply grateful for her book. I recommend it without reserve.

Nancy Ryberg --

"Mitchell's writing is as strong as her subject matter. Her highly evocative sentences make the world come alive for her readers." 
Writer's Digest   

"The writing in Born Colored is clear, interesting, informative, colorful and concise!"
Leland White, Administrator (retired), Chicago Public Schools

"I read your book and truly enjoyed every page. You are a master of details and the English language. Your description of every event seems so current. The book refreshed so many memories of yesteryears in Fitzgerald."
Oliver L. Winkfield, Washington, D.C.

"We have entered the 21st Century and continue to need stories such as these to teach this ‘privileged' generation about historical injustices. This book is for everyone, of any age."
Nichole Shields, Twice winner of the Gwendolyn Brooks Award

"Erin Goseer Mitchell explores the intimacies of growing up ‘colored' in America during the 1940s and ‘50s. She writes beautifully, helping us to understand who we are now and who we might become."
Pat Schneider, Author, Writing Alone and With Others

"Being a 38-year-old African-American female, I have read many books about racism and the civil rights movement but no book has made me appreciate who I am and the roots from whence I came as yours has. Your book has opened my mind. Thank you for exposing yourself to help others."
Vanessa Lane, Hood Theological Seminary

"I grew up in a large city in Ohio, sheltered from ‘in your face' segregation. I truly learned from your stories."
Helen R. Richmond, Divine Destiny Ministries

"Mitchell's descriptions of growing up in Alabama and Georgia are so vivid that I'm amazed at her upbeat attitude. Born Colored gave me some insights I really needed."
Lt. Col. Marcie Ledlow, Professor of Leadership and Ethics, Air Command, Maxwell Air Force Base, AL