From Colored to Black

From Colored to Black: A Bittersweet Journey by Erin Goseer MitchellWith perceptive insight, Erin Goseer Mitchell continues to define race, class and family struggle. Informal, yet passionate,her writing remains thought provoking and inspiring. From her Introduction:

One Saturday in July 2014, I attended a writers' workshop at National Louis University. One of the requirements for attending the workshop was to submit and present a page of work in progress. Rick Kogan, a senior editor at the Chicago Tribune, was the facilitator of the session. When my turn came, I read a page from an account about my first year in Chicago after I left Fitzgerald, Georgia. The group found it compelling. Kogan was very encouraging and told me that he wanted more, that this was a part of Chicago history that he had never heard.

With his comments and the prodding I had gotten from my readers, I began the arduous and often painful process of writing about my life in Chicago. The reminiscences that comprise this book are a result of that effort.